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 Most of us are familiar with the images of traditional massage tables and oils. However, massage does not fit into just one category. There are dozens of variations, sometimes even in subgroup massages.These different types of massage and methods are called modalities. Modalities have been developed to address specific problems or problem areas to achieve personalized results. We won't list all the modalities here because there are so many, but below are 11 popular modalities that you can usually find.Not every path is made for everyone, but that's why it's great - you'll find the type of massage to suit your personal needs and philosophy.Aromatherapy massage integrates essential oils into the massage experience. The use of essential oils dates back thousands of years in ancient Egypt, where they often provided fragrant massages and aromatic baths.The combination of these two elements promotes relaxation and can either refresh or energize you, depending on the scent your masseuse has chosen. Many therapists will consult with you first to find out what type of essential oil you prefer. For example, fir is said to relieve muscle pain, while tea tree is used to support the immune system.For those seeking a gentle, non-invasive experience, craniosacral therapy may be suitable. If you're shy about undressing in front of strangers, that's even better. Dressed frequently, the craniosacral therapist will massage you in light, calm movements.Experts in the field believe that light touch helps restore the central nervous system and correct irregular sleep patterns. And unlike many traditional massages that use a massage chair or table, a cranial sacral session often begins with a massage chair first and then moves on to a massage table. The therapist will also contact you during the massage to ensure that he is giving you the right level of touch.

Deep tissue massage focuses on relieving severe muscle tension. This is especially effective if you have musculoskeletal disorders, posture problems, or chronic muscle pain and tension. Massage spa center often use the ankles, arms, and elbows to properly hold.

Avoid deep tissue massage if you have inflamed joints or a disease such as lupus, as the energetic nature of massage can exacerbate inflammation. Another important note: deep tissue massage should not be confused with deep pressure massage. While deep tissue focuses on the muscle and fascia layers, a deep pressure massage focuses on the entire body.

Are you expecting something new in your massage? Hot stone massage stands out from the rest. The masseuse places hot stones on your body and often uses them for massage. The effect allows the therapist to go deeper while still applying less pressure.And of course, proper heat is a great way to release muscle tension and increase your level of relaxation. Hot stone massage sessions often complement a regular massage and do not exclusively use stones throughout.